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    Nadia Van Dyk

    Good evening! I was not able to take a quiz in 2 out 3 videos I watched today- please help!
    I managed to get and complete a quiz from the very first video I watched, but only after I replayed the entire session, because upon the first time completion I had the “Sorry, you must be logged in to view the quiz” message (I was logged in).
    The message after watching the second video was “You have already passed the test!” instead of a quiz. That was not resolved by replaying the video. This is my first time/ first day to use the system, so I definitely have not “passed the test already”.
    I watched my third video to complete the required training, and ran into the “you must be logged in” message again that did not resolve.
    If it helps, I am using Chrome for my browser and macOS Sierra.
    Let me know!

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    Marisela Ramos-Rico

    I am having the same issues as Nadia Van Dyk. It will be great that tec support fixes this. It is also inconvenient to have to run the whole interview once we already watched it.

    The : you have to be logged in notice makes zero sense since we are obviously logged , otherwise how could ve be watching the video?

    I really like this site, the interviews and I always recommend it to my fellow interpreters, but this is something that is making me think about that twice.

    The reason we come to VOice Academy is to learn AND get our CEUs, , so… this defits the purpose.

    Thanks for listening.

    Marisela Ramos

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    Rebecca melendez

    I am having the same issues after I just watch for one hour and 30 minute . I rewatched it againg . not fair .

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    Veronica Jimenez

    The test did not appear at the end of video

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    Test is not available at the end of the video

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    I am also having issue with the Quiz not coming up. Using Chrome I have watched the video 4 times now in Android tablet and desktop pls help
    Getting error: Sorry, an error has occurred. Please contact Thank you

    I tried to email but no reply now for 2 days

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    Greg Munoz

    Watched whole video took test but it doesn’t submit

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    I have watched the video more than once with the hope that the quiz would show up the second or third time around, but unfortunately that has not been the case. Unable to take the quiz to get CEU’s. Hope someone can help.

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