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      Bill Russell

      Welcome to the Ethics Discussion Group!

      This forum is intended to be a place where you can bring up any ethical dilemmas that might come up in an encounter that you might have and ask your colleagues for their advice. Be sure and watch our three part series on Ethics and discuss the 5 practice situations given in Part 3 (Module coming March 1st). When discussing real-life situations, please remember to make it anonymous, leaving out names, locations, and genders of the actual participants in order to comply with health privacy laws.

      Thank you, and we look forward to having a productive and professional discussion!

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      Fernando Gutierrez

      As a Patient Advocate, I discovered a hospital has 2 charting systems for patients. Obviously, this can cause irreparable harm to the patient. How does one report such discovery and inform the patient with translation of non material but a moral obligation.

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