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Advocacy and Accommodation for Deaf and Hard of Hearing Patients (FREE)

This interview with Shane Feldman, RID Executive Director, explores topics related to providing adequate healthcare services to Deaf patients, including an explanation ASL certification and a comparison of live versus video remote interpreters.

Health Disparities and Language Access in the U.S.

This video with researcher Maria Moreno, MPH explores ways in which health disparities in the United States can be minimized through adequate language accommodation mandates and practices.

Technology in the Medical Interpreting Industry (FREE)

This interview with professor and interpreter Katharine Allen, Co-President of InterpretAmerica, provides an overview of technology that is currently available in the medical interpreting industry for service provision and assignment scheduling, including suggestions for best practices.

Shoulder and Neck Rolls (FREE)

In this exercise you will learn a simple stretch for you neck and shoulders.

Maintaining a Neutral Spine in Your Seated Posture (FREE)

In this exercise you will learn a simple technique to keep your posture from becoming slumped, in order to maintain a nice, neutral spine.

Spinal Twist (FREE)

In this exercise you will learn how to perform a safe spinal twist.

Interpreting for Domestic Violence Encounters

This interview with clinical psychologist Adriane Nada provides an overview of domestic violence services and guidelines for interpreters assigned to appointments at counseling sessions or crisis shelters.

Hip Opener (FREE)

In this exercise you will learn how to open your hips after a prolonged period of sitting.

6 Movements of the Spine (FREE)

This exercise shows you how to safely stretch your spine in six different directions while sitting at your desk.

Breathing Technique (FREE)

In this exercise you will learn a simple breathing technique to help you release stress.

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