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Dynamics of Communication in Mental Health – Part 2

This second part of the interview with licensed clinical psychologist Susan Potts covers the goals of counseling in an outpatient setting, as well as ways that interpreters can prepare for facilitating communication in emotionally-charged encounters. The corresponding glossary contains over 30 mental health terms.

Interpreting for Trauma Survivors

During this interview with physician Lucia Roncalli, normal physiological responses to psychological trauma are explained within the context of communicating with patients during a medical encounter. An actual patient/provider scenario allows the viewer to see therapy in action, while also providing an opportunity to practice interpreting the encounter.

Interpreting for Medical Exams for Asylum Seekers

Physician Lucia Roncalli describes the delicate nature of medical exams for asylum seekers and the ways in which the interpreter can best support communication. Vicarious trauma, both during and following the encounter, and self-care are discussed. The corresponding glossary contains 25 terms.

Interpreting for Physical Therapy Encounters – Part 1 (Theory)

This interview with physical therapist Mary Sondag covers the role of the physical therapist, dynamics of communication with the patient and family members, and practical tips for interpreters.

Interpreting for Physical Therapy Encounters – Part 2 (Demonstration)

This demonstration with physical therapist Mary Sondag provides scenarios for common rehabilitation exercises and assistive devices. The guest talks to the “patient” as she would in a true-to-life encounter, allowing the viewer to practice interpreting.

Hip Opener (FREE)

In this exercise you will learn how to open your hips after a prolonged period of sitting.

6 Movements of the Spine (FREE)

This exercise shows you how to safely stretch your spine in six different directions while sitting at your desk.

Breathing Technique (FREE)

In this exercise you will learn a simple breathing technique to help you release stress.

Shoulder and Neck Rolls (FREE)

In this exercise you will learn a simple stretch for you neck and shoulders.

Maintaining a Neutral Spine in Your Seated Posture (FREE)

In this exercise you will learn a simple technique to keep your posture from becoming slumped, in order to maintain a nice, neutral spine.

Spinal Twist (FREE)

In this exercise you will learn how to perform a safe spinal twist.

Interpreting for Domestic Violence Encounters

This interview with clinical psychologist Adriane Nada provides an overview of domestic violence services and guidelines for interpreters assigned to appointments at counseling sessions or crisis shelters.

Advanced Ethics—Part 1: Interpreter Codes of Ethics & Ethical Decision Making

This video is the first in a 3-part “Advanced Ethics” series. Therese Mirande explores the 5 qualities of an ethical interpreter and explores the 5 steps for ethical decision-making.

Professionalism in Medical Interpreting

Interpreting Professor Therese Mirande reviews the requirements of professional medical interpreting, including training and adherence to a professional code of ethics, and guides interpreters in using critical thinking to put theory about the four traditional roles into practice.

Advanced Ethics—Part 2: Self-Awareness & Cultural Identity

This video is the second in a 3-part “Advanced Ethics” series. Therese Mirande goes beyond basics to examine aspects of self-awareness and cultural identity that form the basis for ethical decision-making.

A Focus on Clarifier and Culture Broker Roles in Medical Interpreting

This interview with Laura Holcomb, CMI provides examples and guidance about how to put the “clarifier” and “culture broker” roles into practice when working with patients and providers.

Advanced Ethics—Part 3: Ethical Situations to Consider

This video is the third in a 3-part “Advanced Ethics” series. Therese Mirande goes beyond basics to present 5 scenarios with ethical dilemmas for participants to consider. She walks participants through the 5 steps of the decision-making process for each scenario.

Interpreting for Pediatric Speech & Language Therapy

This interview with Rochelle Russell, Registered Speech Therapist, explores the dynamics of communicating with children in speech and language therapy encounters, with particular focus on the challenges that arise when working with different languages and cultures.

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