Tech Support

Q: I watched a video until the end, and the quiz didn’t appear.

This is usually a browser related issue (mostly with older versions). Try the following:

  1. Refresh the screen a few times immediately after watching the video. Pressing “CTRL” and “F5” at the same time is even better.
  2. Try rewinding the video to a few minutes before the end and see if the quiz shows once the video completes.
  3. Try opening the page using either the Firefox or Chrome browser – these are your best options. If you don’t have them, both can be downloaded for free.
  4. If you watched using Internet Explorer, try a different browser. Microsoft no longer supports Internet Explorer and has now replaced it with a new browser called Edge that comes with Windows 10.
  5. Load it on a different computer. So that you do not have to re-watch the video again, you can let the video play in the background with no volume while you do something else and wait for the quiz to show at the end.

If you still do not see the quiz, please contact our tech team for assistance:

Q: I get the message “Dripped Content Not Available” when I try to watch videos.

A: This is caused by a “glitch in the matrix.” Please contact our tech team for assistance:

Q: I’m having trouble logging out. The main page keeps refreshing with the “Log Out” option.

A: This can occur if your web browser is caching content. Click on “CTRL” and “F5” at the same time to resolve this issue. If you continue to experience a problem, please notify our tech team for assistance:

Q: I have a different issue.

A: If experience a problem with the site that could not be resolved by any of the answers on this page, you can post in the member support forum, or email our support team directly at for assistance.



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