Dynamics of Communication in Mental Health – Part 2


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Guest: Susan Potts, PhD, Licensed Clinical Psychologist
Length: 58 minutes
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Description: This video is the second part of an interview with our guest Susan Potts, PhD who has over 30 years experience working with clients. It covers the goals of counseling in an outpatient setting, as well as ways that interpreters can prepare for facilitating communication in emotionally-charged encounters. Mental health terminology is discussed and also available in the online companion glossary. Dr. Susan Potts is a licensed clinical psychologist and Marriage and Family Therapist with a private practice in Laguna Hills, California. She has operated her practice since 1984.
  1. To understand the goals of a psychologist and how these differ from the clinician's goals in a medical setting.
  2. To recognize ways that the interpreter either facilitates or hinders communication between the clinician and client.
  3. To learn common, specialized terminology for counseling encounters.

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4 thoughts on “Dynamics of Communication in Mental Health – Part 2

  1. Great presentations (Both Part1 and Part 2). Very comprehensive and explicative. This is a fascinating field with many nuances and challenges for the interpreter. This type of specialized training is a wonderful tool in our hands to do a job well done and provide the service that our clients deserve. Thank you for the opportunity to sharpen our knowledge in this field!

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