Instructions To Earn RID Credit

VoicesACADEMY is pleased to provide RID credits through our CMP sponsor, CEUs on the Go!

  Follow the instructions below in order to earn RID credit. NOTE: Only sign language interpreters must submit a PINRA form.


  1. BEFORE watching the video, complete the PINRA form:
  • Click here to download the PINRA form.
  • Complete only the highlighted sections.
  1. Email the completed PINRA form to
  • You will receive confirmation of email delivery.
  1. Wait for e-mail approval from our CMP sponsor, CEUs on the Go!
  2. After receiving approval, you may watch the corresponding video.
  3. You MUST take the quiz in order to earn credit.
  • The quiz will appear online once you have watched the entire video.
  1. After watching the video, notify
  • VoicesACADEMY will confirm that you have completed the quiz.
  • VoicesACADEMY will notify CEUs on the Go! that you have completed the activity.
  1. CEUs on the GO! will email an invoice to you. You must pay the invoice in order for your activity verification to be processed with RID.
  • VoicesACADEMY members receive a discounted rate for CEU processing. The cost is $10.
  • NOTE: You will receive an online Certificate of Completion through your VoicesACADEMY Learner Log (for Professional members) or via email (for Basic members using Pay-Per-View). Although this certificate will show the RID/ACET logos, the credits are not valid until you pay for the processing fee.


Contact for any questions.

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