Medical Interpreting for Refugees: Research from New Zealand (FREE)

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Guest: Ineke Crezee ~ Nurse, Medical Interpreter & Lecturer University of Technology in Auckland, New Zealand
Length: 60 minutes
Cost: Free
Approved CEUs: ATA=1.000, CCHI=1.000, IMIA=0.000, WA-DSHS=0.000, RID=0.100 PS*
*Sign language interpreters requiring RID credit, must CLICK HERE to complete PINRA form BEFORE taking this activity.
Description: As a professional nurse and medical interpreter, the guest for this interview describes results of research exploring vicarious trauma experienced by interpreters working with refugees. Concepts are applicable to interpreters working with refugees in any country.
  1. To learn about aspects of professional medical interpreting in New Zealand.
  2. To recognize the emotional experiences of interpreters who work with refugees.
  3. To learn about steps the medical interpreting profession can undertake to help individuals cope with vicarious trauma.

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11 thoughts on “Medical Interpreting for Refugees: Research from New Zealand (FREE)

  1. Powerful and very well presented. A must presentation to have for both interpreters and health providers. Awareness and self care are necessary for the interpreter in order to provide a good service. I would like to add spending sometime of reflection after a difficult assignment if possible or at the end of the day. Asking ourselves questions about what was difficult about the case, how we could have done it better, how it is affecting us and how could we cope now and in the future with similar situations. Thanks!!

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