Preparing for Conferences: 11 Tips for Freelancers

Professional conferences offer an excellent opportunity to learn and network! It’s an exciting time to interact with old friends and make new ones. Presenters come from near and far to   …Continue Reading

“I don’t need a trained medical interpreter, just send a warm body!” – Part 3 of 3

“Send a Dinka interpreter right away. I don’t care if they’re trained, I just need a warm body!” Believe it or not, this was an actual request to our language   …Continue Reading

“Medical interpreter training is inconvenient!” – Part 2 of 3

Yes, I’ve heard the reasons given by interpreters for not wanting or getting training, whether we’re talking core concepts or continuing education. Let me get this out of my system   …Continue Reading

“I don’t need medical interpreter training!” – Part 1 of 3

“I’ve been interpreting in hospitals for 20 years. I don’t need training!” As the owner of a language agency, I can’t tell you how many times I’ve heard that claim.   …Continue Reading

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