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      Selene Garcia

      Hello, I have an issue, I’m watch and payed twice for the same video and it doesn’t let me take the quiz. It keeps telling me to log bk in. Can you help?

      Video: Facilitating communication for medical history

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      Hi Selena,

      We no longer have the system where you pay to watch a single video, so I am confused by your message. These days, you are either a free member or a subscriber and if you subscribe you can watch all the videos you want for a month. It must be that there is a technical glitch with that particular video.

      However, have tried logging in as you and watching the “Facilitating communication for medical history” video. It works and the quiz appears at the end.

      I recommend clearing your cache and cookies – here are instructions for various browsers https://www.contentstack.com/docs/developers/how-to-guides/clear-caches-and-cookies-in-different-browsers/ – and then logging in again, and watching the video. If it asks you to pay again then please take a screenshot of it asking you to pay and send it by email to techsupport [at] voicesacademy.com

      Also, please contact customer support and ask for a refund for what you have paid so far. If you include this link https://voicesacademy.com/forums/topic/unavailable-to-take/ in your email to customer support they will see this post and my reply and will understand that you were charged as the rest of a technical error.



Viewing 1 reply thread
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