Problem Solving for Spanish Interpreters


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Guest: Gloria Guzman, Washington State Certified Medical Interpreter UCI Medical Center
Length: 61 minutes
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Description: During this interview, Gloria Guzman shares experiences as a professional, certified medical interpreter to highlight cultural and linguistic dilemmas that are common among Spanish interpreters. Her personal examples demonstrate how to use critical thinking to solve problems while upholding the codes of ethics and standards of practice. This video is in English with Spanish examples. Ms. Guzman is a Washington State Certified Medical Interpreter with over 5 years professional medical interpreting experience. She is a full-time staff interpreter and trainer at the University of California Irvine Medical Center.
  1. To understand common dilemmas among Spanish medical interpreters.
  2. To discuss problem-solving techniques for interpreters faced with cultural and linguistic dilemmas.
  3. To provide ways to support professional interpreter roles, ethics and standards of practice.

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