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Preparing for Conferences: 11 Tips for Freelancers

Professional conferences offer an excellent opportunity to learn and network! It’s an exciting time to interact with old friends and make new ones. Presenters come from near and far to share pearls of wisdom. Exhibitors provide glimpses of new solutions and job opportunities. As a freelance interpreter or translator, how can you prepare in advance   …Continue Reading

6 Movements of the Spine (FREE)

This exercise shows you how to safely stretch your spine in six different directions while sitting at your desk.

Breathing Technique (FREE)

In this exercise you will learn a simple breathing technique to help you release stress.

Shoulder and Neck Rolls (FREE)

In this exercise you will learn a simple stretch for you neck and shoulders.

Maintaining a Neutral Spine in Your Seated Posture (FREE)

In this exercise you will learn a simple technique to keep your posture from becoming slumped, in order to maintain a nice, neutral spine.

Spinal Twist (FREE)

In this exercise you will learn how to perform a safe spinal twist.

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