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vicarious trauma

Medical Interpreting for Refugees: Research from New Zealand (FREE)

As a professional nurse and medical interpreter, author Ineke Crezee describes results of research exploring vicarious trauma experienced by interpreters working with refugees. Concepts are applicable to interpreters working with refugees in any country.

Interpreting for Refugees in Social Service Encounters

From refugee camps to beyond resettlement, this interview with social worker Kathleen To explores psychosocial dynamics of refugees and techniques to assist interpreters in facilitating communication for social service encounters.

Interpreting for Trauma Survivors

During this interview with physician Lucia Roncalli, normal physiological responses to psychological trauma are explained within the context of communicating with patients during a medical encounter. An actual patient/provider scenario allows the viewer to see therapy in action, while also providing an opportunity to practice interpreting the encounter.

Interpreting for Medical Exams for Asylum Seekers

Physician Lucia Roncalli describes the delicate nature of medical exams for asylum seekers and the ways in which the interpreter can best support communication. Vicarious trauma, both during and following the encounter, and self-care are discussed. The corresponding glossary contains 25 terms.

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