Interpreting for Trauma Survivors


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Guest: Lucia Roncalli, MD, MPH
Length: 70 minutes
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Description: During this interview with Lucia Roncalli, MD, MPH, normal physiological responses to psychological trauma are explained within the context of communicating with patients during a medical encounter. An actual patient/provider scenario allows the viewer to see therapy in action, while also providing an opportunity to practice interpreting the encounter. The corresponding online medical glossary contains over 30 terms. Lucia Roncalli is a licensed and board certified physician who specializes in trauma research and education. She earned her MPH in Health and Human Rights and Health in Crisis from Johns Hopkins.
  1. To understand the communication goals of the medical provider when working with trauma survivors.
  2. To understands aspects of trauma and its impact on the interpreted encounter.
  3. To learn specialized medical terminology related to trauma.

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10 thoughts on “Interpreting for Trauma Survivors

  1. This was such an informative training. This is a very eye opening video, and very much needed, as interpreters constantly are in such delicate and intense situations. This video helps a lot with how to manage ourselves in these situation professionally. Thank you!

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