Fragile Moments: Interpreting for Families in the NICU


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Guest: Michelle Scott, RN Voices For Health, Inc.
Length: 46 minutes
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Description: This presentation explores the psychosocial dynamics of interpreting for families in the neonatal intensive care unit (NICU). Terminology related to health professions and acronyms is covered; 150 NICU terms are available in the corresponding medical glossary. This was originally presented at the 2013 Annual Conference of the California Healthcare Interpreting Association in San Diego, CA.
  1. To learn about the emotional experiences of parents that imact communication in the NICU.
  2. To learn about practical considerations for interpreting in the NICU setting.
  3. To learn common, specialized NICU terminology.

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10 thoughts on “Fragile Moments: Interpreting for Families in the NICU

  1. U are a great speaker. I cried watching this video since I lost my best friend and her baby the day before her baby shower at age 44; my oldest sister due to preclamcia. She was a role model in every way. Highly intelligent, spoke 5 fluent language s, had 2 master’s degrees, was from primary school thru university level she graduated top 10% of class and was national academic achiever, but the most beautiful thing about her is she was a very amicable and humble person. Very difficult to overcome such tragedy and yes, u got lucky, I live daily with guilt of not being there for her when she went through her tragedy because no matter how painful it is, I can never bring her back so I pray that when I die, I reunite with her. Your presentation is excellent!!

    • Thank you, Rocio, your personal story has touched me deeply! Please accept my condolences for the passing of your sister and her child. May you be comforted in knowing that your work as an interpreter is helping other families to cope with similar difficult situations.

  2. Thank you for sharing with us this presentation and what was a difficult time for your family and especially for you as a mom. My experience at NICU is dated more than 20 years but your story brought up fresh memories. I appreciate you willingness to let us learn from those “fragile moments”.

  3. I work with occupational therapists and occasionally physical therapists when a lactation consultant is not available.
    Occupational therapist work in the NICU to help preemies learn to suckle. They also teach positioning and details of latching for mothers. The question on the quiz should be modified. Possible answers: Social Worker; Respiratory therapist; Occupational therapist; Lactation consultant

  4. This is an amazing presentation. Michelle Scott has an engaging speaking manner, with appropriately placed slides and photos. Her personal experience makes the presentation more relatable and her knowledge on both the medical aspect and the psychosocial aspect intertwine perfectly to keep the listener’s attention. She also goes through commonly used abbreviations (the bane of this interpreter’s existence!) and not only provides the words, but an explanation of what they mean. As someone who sees these webinars as a necessary “evil” to get CEU’s, this one was a breath of fresh air by remaining interesting, concise and informative.

  5. I really enjoyed this presentation. It was clear, relatable, and touching with so much valuable information for us interpreters! Thank you so much not only for sharing your knowledge and valuable professional advice but for allowing us to learn first hand about this topic from your own experience during such a sensitive and difficult period of your life. Thank you again!

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